Right on! You're in :-)

I am excited to speak with you about attracting and enrolling high-value, profitable new clients to make a bigger impact, enjoy more personal freedom, and live the life you truly love.

What You Will Soon Learn:

How you can consistently generate high paying clients without any competition and without wasting a penny on advertising. 

​How you can implement this simple system that’s proven to generate 8-12+ new clients in the next 60 days. 

The fastest way to grow to $25k+/mo and how to eliminate 90% of what you’re currently doing to enjoy more free time for family, leisure and personal pursuits.

​How to craft the perfect offer to charge higher prices, attract the clients you love working with, and make a positive impact in the lives of those you touch. 

​How to simplify your business to enjoy more passion, purpose, and stress free abundance, while working less than 10 hours per week, from anywhere in the world.

This is your opportunity to learn our proven Perpetual Clients System for enrolling profitable new clients with predictability, simplicity and ease. 

Now, here are few super important things to go over so you'll get the most out of our time together... 

1. I've allocated my time to speak with you and I am excited to get to know you. 

I value our time VERY SERIOUSLY and when we're together mapping out your future - You'll have my full 100% undivided attention. 

This will most likely be the most informative and valuable business breakthrough and strategic implementation plan that you've ever experienced. 

I'll be giving you my 25 years of expertise working with 5,000+ clients whom have generated over $150 Million in sales to support you in growing a thriving $250k+ lifestyle business this year. 

As you can imagine, my time is extremely valuable, so if you ghost me and NO SHOW, I will never book with you again. Bottom line, be cool, be respectful, and show up for our call. :-)

Also, please ensure:

 - You will be at a place where that's distraction-free.

 - You'll be in front of a computer

 - You'll be ready to take notes

2. The second thing that will really help us kick things off for you is to:

 - Consider the most important goals you'd to accomplish in your business in 2024. 

3. The third thing to have in mind is:

 - Your #1 biggest challenge when it comes to growing your business. What's holding you back the most?

I am 100% confident that as I get to know you and we create your strategic implementation plan on what you can do to rapidly grow your business, whether I have the ability to work with you or not, I'll give you solid feedback and action steps that need to happen NOW in order to not only SURVIVE these challenging times, but to THRIVE as a result of them.

Looking forward to getting to know you :-)

- Travis 

Lifestyle Business Quest

What People Are Saying...


"$57,647 and counting!"

"I just launched my Amazon consulting program and so far I've earned $57,647. I'm now working much less, earning much more, and loving my clients."


“$15,000 in new monthly income...”

"My monthly income has more than doubled and I'm gearing up to earn at least 5X what I used to earn monthly, all the while keeping it super simple and full of heart and soul."

Travis Greenlee

Master Lifestyle Business Growth Mentor - As a pioneer in the life and business coaching industry, Travis has spent the past 25 years helping heart-centered, passionate coaches to grow Thriving $250k+/yr Lifestyle Businesses while making a bigger impact, enjoying more personal freedom, and living the lives they truly love. ✌️❤️🙏

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